Monday, February 28, 2011

Pic of the Day

Today's pic is of one of the highest THC content strains, White Widow.  This stuff looks like it was straight up rolled in sugar.  Very high amount of crystals throughout with many burnt orange hairs.  White Widow is famous world wide for it's frosty nugs, and has won many Cannabis Cups.  It's often on the top of menus in cannabis cafes in Amsterdam, and commonly one of the pricier strains available.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sobe Gravity Bong

    Today's post will cover one of my favorite ways of smoking; the Sobe gravity bong.  I pretty much made this my dedicated piece for a whole summer. 

Things you'll need: -clean glass Sobe bottle
                             -screwdriver or nail
                             -hammer or rubber mallet (something hard)
                             -bowl or a socket from a socket wrench works good
                             -a screen or aluminum foil

     First, you'll need to take your empty glass Sobe bottle (increasingly harder to find these days), and look for the small indent on the bottom.  You'll want to take your screwdriver/nail and put it on the thinnest part of the indent and give it a good smack with your hammer/mallet.  I find that one good hard hit, usually works better than many smaller hits chipping away.  You don't want to crack the glass a lot or punch through the other side, so be careful.  Next, you'll want to rinse out your bottle too make sure there isn't any glass left in there.  Then take your knife and pop out the plastic pice under the cap.  Then cut a whole in the top of the cap to fit your bowl or socket in.  The tighter fit the better.  If you made the whole too big, you can either try again with another cap, or use some gum or tape w/e to seal any air gaps.  Put your screen/aluminum foil in the bowl/socket.  Now place your herb in the bowl/socket.  Cover the bottom hole with your thumb, and fill the bottle with water pretty close to the top.  Screw your cap back on with your herb in the bowl/socket. At roughly the same time, release the water through the bottom hole and light your herb.  The suction of the water leaving the bottle will pull ALL of your smoke into the bottle filling it till it's nice and milky.  If the herb stops burning light it again.  Do this until all the water has drained out of the bottle.  Now cover the bottom hole again to make sure not to release any of your smoke and unscrew the cap.  Now you can inhale all your herbal smoke.  To onlookers, it almost looks like you are drinking milk!  This a pretty fun way to smoke, but can get messy sometimes having to deal with the draining water.  I usually let the water drain into a pitcher so i can reuse for the next burn.  You can continue doing this until there is no smoke filling the bottle anymore when you repeat the steps above.  Happy toking!

Hole punched out in the indent.
Cap ready and empty bottle.
Bottle full of smoke (milked).

Pic of the Day

Thinking about picking up one of these awesome mustache sherlock pipes for my next piece.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pic of the Day

Today's pic is a frosty nug of Grape Ape.  I had a chance to try this out earlier this year, and I must say the name is pretty accurate.  You can definitely taste the grape flavor in it.  The smell is pretty skunky with a very faint smell of grape to it as well.  The high is indica dominant, very relaxing.  You just want to melt into whatever you're sitting on.  Check out the purple tinge through out the nug!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pic of the Day

Above is a pic of one of my all time favorite strains, Blue Dream.  It's a cross between blueberry and haze, and probably one of the best tasting buds I have come cross.  It's a nice hybrid giving you a chill indica body high while still giving you the mind stimulating sativa high.  I highly recommend it if you ever get the chance to get it.

Monday, February 21, 2011

World Peace

     I imagine a future, where everyone must take their daily THC pills in the morning.  This world would be full of happy and compassionate people.  There would be no hate, no wars, just happiness.  A world united by the mighty herb.  I'm not saying that weed is the cure to everything, but I guarantee the world wouldn't be any worse then it is.  Comment your thoughts below,  I'm curious as to what others have to say about the idea.

Pic of the Day

I feel like if I were stoned I wouldn't even know how to smoke out of this thing.  Whoever blew this beautiful piece, didn't hold back on his artistic and technical skills.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011


The cops stole my magic flight launch box already....  Shitty day.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pic of the Day

      I'm going to start posting a pic a day of something weed related starting with this beautiful gif.  Look at all the crystals in there!

     I also noticed quite a few comments in the previous post asking how much a MFLB costs.  I bought mine for $75, but they are typically $100 depending on what accessories it comes with.  Some stores throw in a free grinder as well.  Pretty small price to pay for the value it gives you, not to mention it will pay for itself in it's efficiency in no time.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Magic Flight Launch Box Review

Here's what all came with my MFLB minus one battery cap I already lost haha.
It all fits in this tin for convient storage or you can use the velvet pouch it comes with.  Also comes with two rechargeable batteries already good to go, and the charger.
For size comparison.

     Alright, first off I am very pleased with this product so far.  It comes with the MFLB, a cleaning brush, 2 battery caps, 2 rechargeable batteries, charger, battery case, acrylic stem attachment, 3 rubber bands, velvet pouch, metal tin, and some handy instructions.  It didn't take long at all to figure out how to use it properly.  It has the learning curve of a bong I'd say; not too hard.  The MFLB is tiny as you can see in the pic above.  It fits in your pocket quite well for great portability, and you really only need to bring one battery with you to have all you need.  You start by putting your finely ground herb in the trench; the finer the better.  Then you insert the battery in the battery hole and push in for about 5 seconds to get up to optimum heating temp.  At this point you start drawing very slowly through the mouth hole or stem if attached.  When you are at about 2/3 lungs capacity, pull the battery and clear the rest of the vapor out with your remaining lung capacity.  Now repeat, until you achieve your desired level. 

     There are quite a few advantages to the MFLB.  First is that vaporizing conserves the hell out of your herb.  It is the most efficient way of extracting THC, and the left over vaped bud (herb turns a light/dark brown color) can then be used for edibles!  Alternatively, you can try vaping the vaped bud again later when you are sober, and it will likely still get you pretty lifted.  It's completely silent, portable, and virtually smell free.  The only smell is a faint hint of popcorn in maybe a 6ft radius.  You can even pre-load it, so you don't have the smell of your fresh bud being broken up.  I can't think of a more stealthy device then this lil guy.  Each battery typically lasts me two trenches on a full charge.  A nearly full trench is enough for me and four other friends take a trip to the moon. Is there any disadvantages to this thing???  The only disadvantage I have had so far is it takes to long to finish a trench while cruising making you burn through a lot of gas!  My final thoughts on my MFLB is, that it's probably the best investment I have made lately.  It even has a lifetime warranty that covers user stupidity, like running it over with a car.  Very high value, and very high satisfaction is all I can say!  If you have any questions, comment down below and I'll try to follow up on them.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Magic Launch Flight Box

Just got one of these babies today, and I'm already very happy with my purchase.  It's a portable vape for your herbal needs.  I'll have a full review up tomorrow night.

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Few Must See Marijuana Documentaries

     If you haven't seen the movie The Union and you smoke weed, you really owe it to yourself to watch it.  It's very informative and I recommend passing it on to other non-smokers as well.  It can be pretty enlightening to those who have common misconceptions about marijuana, and I think it'd do the country great justice if everyone were forced to watch it.  Here's a link to the whole movie online  It's not the best copy, but it's on Netflix too.  Another solid documentary is Marijuana: A Chronic History by the History Channel.  A link to that whole movie as well  I'd also recommend Super High Me, which is also on Netflix or possibly around the web.  It's doesn't follow quite the same line as the other two documentaries, but it's still informative and entertaining. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Basic Smoking Etiquette

     Below are some basic guidelines to make your smoking experience most enjoyable for you and your friends.
- Person rolling joint/blunt gets the first hit followed by the herb supplier.
- Pass the herb in a circular fashion, generally clockwise. 
- Don't hold the piece for too long while talking, keep it moving.
- Don't slobber all over the end of the joint/blunt.
- If the bowl is nearly cashed (done), let the next person know.
- Try to make a habit of cornering the bowl; this is where you light only a portion of the bowl saving some green on top for the person in rotation.
- Try to match bowls when possible, or offer to buy some drinks or food.

Friend's Recent Pickup

     Friend picked up this beautiful 20.35 gram nug of Pink.  It almost makes you feel guilty breaking it up.  As for the strain it was covered in crystals and red hairs, the pic doesn't do it any justice. The smell was real sweet, and the taste was pretty distinct, but I couldn't think of anything similar. 

Stealth Smoking Tricks

     First line of defense for the sneaky smoker is a sploof; toliet paper or paper towel roll filled with 3-5 dryer sheets.  You'll want to exhale your hits through this into a fan in a window.  Make sure your fan is pulling smoke out of the room by first lighting your lighter by the crack at the bottom of your door. If your fan is sucking smoke out properly the flame will blow away from the door.  You should then put a towel under the door, bonus points if it's damp.  Also helpful is packing one hitters, they are ideal for containing any runaway smoke while the bowl may be burning.  Otherwise snuff the bowl out with your lighter or a set a coin on top.  Keep plenty of febreeze/air fresher on hand just in case.  Incense are good to for cover up smell, but usually a bit of a give away.  Happy toking.