Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stealth Smoking Tricks

     First line of defense for the sneaky smoker is a sploof; toliet paper or paper towel roll filled with 3-5 dryer sheets.  You'll want to exhale your hits through this into a fan in a window.  Make sure your fan is pulling smoke out of the room by first lighting your lighter by the crack at the bottom of your door. If your fan is sucking smoke out properly the flame will blow away from the door.  You should then put a towel under the door, bonus points if it's damp.  Also helpful is packing one hitters, they are ideal for containing any runaway smoke while the bowl may be burning.  Otherwise snuff the bowl out with your lighter or a set a coin on top.  Keep plenty of febreeze/air fresher on hand just in case.  Incense are good to for cover up smell, but usually a bit of a give away.  Happy toking.

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  1. I thought blowing out through a toilet paper roll with dryer towels was my thing haha