Sunday, February 13, 2011

Basic Smoking Etiquette

     Below are some basic guidelines to make your smoking experience most enjoyable for you and your friends.
- Person rolling joint/blunt gets the first hit followed by the herb supplier.
- Pass the herb in a circular fashion, generally clockwise. 
- Don't hold the piece for too long while talking, keep it moving.
- Don't slobber all over the end of the joint/blunt.
- If the bowl is nearly cashed (done), let the next person know.
- Try to make a habit of cornering the bowl; this is where you light only a portion of the bowl saving some green on top for the person in rotation.
- Try to match bowls when possible, or offer to buy some drinks or food.


  1. Haha good stuff to know for all our stoners out there. Interesting blog, keep it up!

  2. Man, i need to find more stoners like you. I know like 1 other person who follows these

  3. very basic... in not following some of these a group of stoners will be pissed

  4. Hahhahha thanks for the post buddy, haven't piffed in so long lol.

  5. good list, but this shits almost a given...

    lol and if you dont bring the weed, at least buy us sum fuckin McDoubles lol, 15 burgers will hold everyone over till all ur shits done.

  6. Totally true, every weedsmoker should know this.

  7. A stoner blog where manners are discussed? This is a first. Following.

  8. It's amazing how many people don't know these basic rules.

    My favourite line regarding someone who violates "- Don't hold the piece for too long while talking, keep it moving." is that "it's not a fucking talking stick, pass it on!"

  9. Everything is true, but real Rastamans smoke in an anti-clockwise way on nyabinghi, so me and my friends maintain this tradition ;)

  10. I'm a clockwise man, myself.
    Counterclockwise is for mongrels.
    Not really, but I never trust a man, or especially a lady that passes counterclockwise.